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Why Your Vote Counts

We need a change of leadership.  We need a Mayor who works cooperatively to get things done regardless of political affiliation. A Mayor who believes in moving our city forward in a positive and productive way.  We need a Mayor who listens to the voice of the public and who recognizes the value of diversity.  Palmdale needs a Mayor who makes decisions and policies based on best practices, research, education and what's best for our city.   Laura Bettencourt is that person. 

Also, remember that the position of Mayor is nonpartisan.  Many have asked what my political party is and my answer is that I am the "Palmdale Party".  As Mayor I will represent all residents regardless of their political affiliation.  We need a united Palmdale with all parties working together. 


Goals & Priorities

As Mayor, Laura Bettencourt,  will continue to focus on the issues Palmdale residents have said are a priority to them: Jobs, Safety, Education. She will continue to enhance city parks and roads and help to assist and rebuild businesses affected by Covid.



Quality Jobs

As a councilwoman, Laura has helped bring thousands of jobs to the Antelope Valley at places like Lockheed, Northrop, and Amazon.  But more jobs are needed.  We need to diversify our workforce.  Bring high tech, the entertainment industry, manufacturing, corporate and government offices.  We have the space!  We need to have businesses HERE and keep our residents from having to commute.


Safety, Recreation, Good Roads

Laura Bettencourt is truly passionate about this issue. She has worked for over 20 years to make the Antelope Valley safer using intelligence led policing, community policing, and is a strong proponent of constitutional policing.  Palmdale has the lowest crime rate it has had in decades and is considered one of southern California's safest cities.  But it's not just about being safe.  Laura wants to improve our residents quality of life.  She wants to build better roads and infrastructure, improve parks, bring back community events and enhance youth and senior programs.  She believes that a happy community is a healthy community and a healthy community is a happy community.  Laura wants to continue improving the issues of homelessness, addiction, violence, and mental health.



Great Public Schools & Higher Education

Laura Bettencourt is proud to support and push for more education opportunities in Palmdale. As a 20 year professor at our local community college she has seen the exceptional abilities of our local students.  She is frustrated by the lack of a brick-and-mortar four-year public college.  She would like to Palmdale be the home of the next UC or CSU campus.  Laura is a strong supporter of both STEM and STEAM programs but also knows that college is not for everyone.  She believes we need to work with the schools, colleges, unions, other labor groups and corporations to have an official vocational training program teaching a variety of trades.  We do have some programs, but we need more.

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Things Still to Work On


Public Safety



More Housing

High Speed Rail

Mental Health Reform

Public Arts Projects

Roads & Traffic

Youth & Senior Programs

Build Domestic Violence Shelter

Improve Parks & Recreation

Get Palmdale Airport Open

State of the Art Conference Center



Jobs & Education

  • Laura has deep roots in the community and has long been dedicated to serving in various ways.

  • Laura's first term as a council member was in 2009. She has been elected four times.

  •  Laura has been in the Antelope Valley since 1985.

  • Previous Northrop Aerospace Worker

  • Currently - Crime Analyst - Law Enforcement Professional since 1993.

  • Professor -  20 years - AV College 

  • Master's Degree - Criminal Justice - Cal State San Bernardino

  • Bachelor's Degree - School of Social Ecology (Specialization in Criminology, Law & Society). University of California - Irvine

  • DOJ Cert - Crime & Intelligence Analysis. Cal State Northridge

  • DEA Federal Analyst Academies/ Basis & Advanced. Quantico Virginia.

  • Former Board of Directors - The Palmdale Aerospace Academy.  Six years on board.

  • Lifetime member of Girl Scouts of America.  Former troop leader.



3552 E Avenue R14, Palmdale CA 93550

Cell: 661-315-6398

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